World Cup soccer: little ado about nothing

With Americans deeply divided on so many issues, let us give thanks for the unifying influence of World Cup soccer: An overwhelming majority of adults in this country share a common disinterest in the whole shebang. A Rasmussen Reports poll found 78 percent of respondents saying they’re paying little if any attention to the action. Conversely, just 9 percent of men and 3 percent of women said they’re following it very closely. (And since the polling was fielded before the U.S. team got knocked out, you can bet that even fewer people are paying lots of attention now.) We’ve heard for decades that interest in soccer would increase as more Americans played in youth leagues, but it never quite seems to happen. The survey found 14 percent of respondents saying they’ve played soccer in an organized league at some point in their lives. But given how few are keen on the World Cup, we can guess that lots of them didn’t especially enjoy the experience.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver