World Cup mascot maker goes belly-up

We’ve been hot and cold on Goleo VI the lion, one of the official mascots (along with Pille the talking soccer ball) of this summer’s World Cup in Germany. On the one hand, he hangs out with Heidi Klum. On the other hand, he doesn’t wear pants. (The general unease felt worldwide about Goleo is summed up in a post on Jaunted with the headline, “Is the World Cup Mascot an Abusive, Whore-Mongering Male Slut?” Among other things, they point out: “His best friend is a soccer ball that he repeatedly kicks in the face. That’s a messed up friendship, if you ask us.”) But it seems Goleo’s image problems are worse than we thought. The company that made him has declared bankruptcy after failing to sell many Goleo stuffed animals. This after spending $36 million for sole rights to create and market the World Cup mascot. This won’t help Goleo’s self-esteem issues at all. Link via AdHurl.

—Posted by Tim Nudd