The world is chock full of Crocs

We’re a little behind on the whole Crocs thing, but the shoes, billed in this story in Business 2.0 as “the world’s ugliest shoe,” are impossible to avoid for long. So, among the things we did not know, until we went to the mall yesterday, was that Crocs is now selling versions of the shoe that are branded by other companies, such as Disney. The Athlete’s Foot was making a lot of mall noise over the fact that the shoes are now available with Mickey Mouse silhouettes instead of simple round holes, though we couldn’t find a picture of them online. Google, Tyco and Flextronics also have asked for customized Crocs, though we’re trying to figure out what exactly a customized Croc built around the electronics products that Flextronics makes would look like. Why does it seem like, in about 2015, when VH1 looks back on 2006, Crocs will be, well, mocked?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor