Wonderful Sea Beats Horrible Land in Ads for Carnival Cruises

Only a fool would stay on shore

Carnival Cruise Lines has launched a new campaign titled "Land vs. Sea" via ad agency Arnold. Since many Americans are curbing their expenses by visiting places within driving distance, Carnival wanted to show what a bad idea a low-cost, land-based vacation can be. Expertly edited and well-timed, the first three spots tell a story about a poor couple who tried to go camping. Watch them in order—first "Food," then "Tent," then "Bear," posted below (which should be called "Bear and Mountain Lion")—to truly enjoy their unfortunate story. The actress particularly shines as she manages to run the gamut from unhappy camper to relaxed cruiser without falling into horrible bitchy-wife territory. That's an impressive feat, particularly when she's telling the hubby to shut up. They also created a family-oriented spot called "Noise," posted after the jump, which suggests skipping dangerous amusement parks in favor of Carnival's onboard water rides. I hope they continue that part of the story. I want to see what happens when the kids eat three hotdogs and throw up on the Spin Cycle.