The Women in This Tequila Commercial Only Have Time for One Kind of Bro

He's the one not acting like a jackass

This new ad for Mezcal El Silencio tequila by agency Pablo Escargot starts off the same way many beer/liquor ads do—i.e., like from a clip of Ocean's Eleven, with bunch of guys in suits walking in slow motion to a steady rock/techno beat and a deep raspy voiceover.

It celebrates men being men, and the viewer quickly realizes it's satire. (The Post-it notes on the forehead are a nice touch.) When it comes to the requisite seduction scene, though, things totally fall apart and an unlikely hero emerges.

There's plenty of goofy overacting here, and the celebration of the strong, silent type isn't exactly revolutionary, either. But it's still a funny jab at all of the fist-pumping bro-mercials we've seen lately.

Via Co.Create.

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