Woman Takes Hunt for Kidney to a Slew of Billboards

Aretha Swift now apprearing on 24 ads

Add Aretha Swift to the list of civilians who've bought ad space on billboards, but not because she needs a job or a date, has a bone to pick with secularism or wants to humiliate his ex. No, Aretha needs a kidney. She held a fundraiser to buy the advertising space. And luckily enough, someone whose son owns an outdoor ad company heard about it and put him in touch with Aretha, whose plea for a donor is now on 24 digital billboards (some of which were donated to her cause) around Pennsylvania and even in Times Square. The ads point to AKidneyForAretha.com. You know, it's nice to read stuff like this in the midst of everything else about the country crumbling at our feet. Thanks for not being jerks, everyone.

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