Woman Sues Makers of ‘Drive,’ Saying Its Trailer Was Misleading

Film has 'very little driving,' she complains

The neo-noir crime drama Drive, starring current Hollywood "it" boy Ryan Gosling, was a film festival darling with a kick-ass trailer. So, why is a Michigan woman suing the movie's distributor? Because the trailer was too good. In fact, she says it was so much better than the gritty movie itself that she felt deceived. She was expecting a Fast and Furious-style car-chase-heavy action flick. Instead, she got "very little driving," according to her lawsuit against FilmDistrict. The plaintiff, Sarah Deming, wants her money back and says she intends to bring others into the suit so they can also recover their $12. And she wants studios to stop "misleading advertising" for their products. Girlfriend, please. If Hollywood studios got sued every time they made a trailer that's more appealing than the actual movie, they'd be camped out in court for every Bruckheimer, Bay, and Ratner release. Despite some critical raves, Drive was hollow and disappointing, I'll give you that. But two hours of Gosling, plus Albert Brooks playing way against type, was easily worth the price of admission. So, toughen up, get jaded like the rest of us, and don't believe anything you see about the next Ben Stiller movie.