Woman Quits Her Job in Spectacular Late-Night Dance Video Set to Kanye West

Marina Shifrin goes for it

Meet Marina Shifrin, the newest member of the Funemployed.

In a video for her boss—OK, and all of YouTube—Shifrin dances around her (now former) employer's office to Kanye West's "Gone," and captions it with her reasons for quitting, such as endless late nights and being squeezed for quantity over quality as a video producer. Ironically, the result is video gold, racking up over 4.5 million views in just three days.

"I dropped everything for work," Shifrin explains in a blog post titled Journalism is Dead (To Me). "I spent hours in the office perfecting my headlines, my voiceovers, my stories." Her boss instructed her to "make deadlines, not art," and Shifrin decided to quit, with Yeezy by her side.

Shifrin joins a growing legion of high-profile job mic drops, including Groupon founder Andrew Mason's "Just kidding, I was fired today" letter; the "I'm leaving this job to make cakes" cake; an agency staffer's "F this job" post on a client tourism page; and the programmer who created an I QUIT Super Mario video game.

As for Shifrin's musical exit, Gen Xers are cringing and millennials are applauding. We give her -10 points for publicly burning bridges, but +20 for not twerking on the copy machine.