Woman with heartburn sues Coke and wins

Coke_5 How’s this for an ad slogan: “Things go better with (a reasonable amount of) Coke”? Coca-Cola may have to think twice about certain taglines now that a Russian woman has sued the company, and won, for allegedly getting heartburn from its signature product. Nataly Kashuba, 27, claims she drank more than 5,000 liters of Coke at the rate of three liters a day over five years. The result, says a gastroenterologist who testified at her trial, was a chronic condition whose symptoms included heartburn. Why did she drink so much? Kashuba says she was collecting bottle caps for prizes, so Coke might have to rethink its promotions, too. While Coke was told to burp up only a little over $100, the case could make the brand a target for other litigious customers.

—Posted by Richard Williamson