Woman Applies Makeup in Zero Gravity in This Beauty Brand’s Fun, Baffling Stunt

Strap in, and hang on

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe she applied it in zero gravity.

In this weird little gem of absurdism, Korean agency Innored—makers of the famous North Face stunt with the disappearing floor—promotes a beauty product called IOPE Air Cushion by having a woman apply it while weightless and plummeting to earth in a giant airplane.

Is it difficult to apply makeup in zero gravity? Who knows?! Does it say much about the product if you can? Not really! But stop asking questions—this is one impressive stunt. (And it does, at the very least, get the point across that Korean women aren't just "naturally beautiful," as other women around the world seem to assume.)

Check out the full ad below, and wonder at the science!


Brand, Client: Amore Pacific, Iope Air Cushion

Agency: Innored

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