WNBA ads ask, ‘Have you seen her?’

MilkwnbaTo celebrate its 10th anniversary, the WNBA premiered a new branding campaign last night during the WNBA draft with the tagline, “Have you seen her?” There’s a new 60-second TV spot (which unfortunately I can’t find online at the moment), which will be followed by in-arena, outdoor, print, Internet and radio elements. And how about that new tagline? True, it does sort of sound like a slogan for a missing-persons campaign. But no, says WNBA president Donna Orender, it’s more about “inspiration, aspiration and believing in women” (as in, “Wow, have you seen her? She rocks!”). Here’s more from Orender, speaking last month at a Detroit Shock luncheon: “I have seen her. I’m telling you, I have seen her, and she can flat out play. And I’m going to tell you, I have seen her, and I take my friends, and we have a great time watching her. I have seen her and bring my daughters and my sons, and what she says inspires us all. I have seen her. And I know that you have seen her as well. And I’m hoping this season not only will you see her, but you will bring your friends and your family because … all of these wonderful women of the WNBA want to entertain for you, and they also deserve your support.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd