W+K Amsterdam and S7 Airlines Created a Travel Documentary Series to Lure Aliens to Earth

The oddball, 6-episode series aims to get humans traveling too

Human behavior doesn't always make sense, so this series hopes to help visitors understand it all. Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
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Here is a quick, but vital question: Have we as a society come to an official consensus on the idea of aliens visiting Earth? If we’re still following sentiments pushed forward by popular cinema over the past four or so decades, the very concept should still evoke chills. It’s a wildly hypothetical (albeit often violent) scenario, but honestly, anything is possible. Hell, Earth is kind of a mess right now; are aliens even still interested in stopping by at this point?

We ask because S7 Airlines and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam seem to have a very different outlook—one that suggests that an extraterrestrial stop-by would be a welcomed idea. They like the idea so much, in fact, that the Russian airline has paired with the creative agency to create a six-part travel show about Earth … for aliens. It will be the first-ever series to be beamed into space. Talk about cornering a market.

Visit Earth attempts to break down our complex planet into six core subjects that drive each episode: “Nature,” “Food,” “Parties,” “Art,” “Sports,” and “Love.” Though the films are not necessarily feature-length—the longest is less than 13 minutes—they manage to explore a global perspective by emphasizing common threads that connect us as a human race.

For instance, after watching the installment titled “Food,” it’s fair to conclude that humans, universally, just really love to eat things stuffed in dough. There’s even a catchy, ’80s-inspired pop synth song celebrating our love of gyoza, ravioli, dim sum and the like. Hopefully, aliens won’t mind having “Things in Dough” stuck in their heads for days, because it’s imminent.

The odd, but optimistic comedic series has already gained viral popularity in Russia, a year ahead of the English release. If it doesn’t manage to catch the interest of any other otherworldly beings, it at least does a fine job of reminding its human audience of all the little things that still make our planet worthwhile.

Evgeny Primachenko, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam’s creative director, said: “Earth is awesome. It has ice cream, waterfalls, mountains, beaches, cute puppies and seven-string guitars, parties and so much more. But sometimes we can take our planet for granted. Creating Visit Earth was a great opportunity not only to produce content that would achieve S7’s brief to raise brand awareness but also to make something that reminds all of us how lucky we are to live here and have the privilege to call ourselves earthlings.”

You can watch the rest of the episodes (some of which have some kinda NSFW elements) below or head on over to the series hub.


S7 Airlines – Visit Earth

S7 Airlines
VP Operations: Tatiana Fileva
Marketing Director: Eleonora Romanova
Marketing Communications Director: Natalia Kozlova
Brand Manager: Kristina Slavnikova
Head of Creative Group: Konstantin Belyakov
Head of Production Group: Alexey Krasnov
Production Manager: Maria Artemchuk
Head of PR: Anna Bazhina
Head of Direct Communications: Elmira Agaeva
PR: Anna Bazhina
Head of B2C Communications: Yana Chupina
Media Group Head: Irina Nekrasova

Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Eric Quennoy, Mark Bernath
Creative Director: Evgeny Primachenko, Joe Burrin
Art Director: Emma Mällinen
Copywriter (Narrator): Chris Taylor
Head of Integrated Production: Joe Togneri
Broadcast Producer: Jaime Tan, Pavel Ananich
Group Account Director: Kirk Johnsen
Account Director: Jorge Fesser
Account Manager: Yulia Prokhorova
Head of Planning: Martin Weigel
Planner: Alex Janneau
Comms Strategist: Jocelyn Reist
Art Buyer: Rachel Perry
Head of Design: Joe Burrin
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Motion Designer: Gustav von Platen
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Project Manager: Katie Finn, Cory Chonko
Business Affairs: Akvilina Jaskunaite

Film Production

Production Company: Popcorn Brain BV
Director: Mackenzie Sheppard
Director of Photography: Ian Avery Holliday
Producer: Tjalf Melle van Dijkhuizen, Stefany Rietkerk
Executive Producer: Diego Molina, Daniel Bruce

Editing Company: Ambassadors, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Editors: Oscar Marmelstein, Meghan Sims, Joe Walton,

Audio Post: Ambassadors
Sound Designer/Mixer: Rens Pluijm


Composers: Sebastiaan Roestenburg, Rens Pluijm, Ed Meijaard
Sound Producer: Zoe de Regt
Music Company: Ambassadors

Post Production

Creative Production Studio: Ambassadors
Managing Director: Hannah Glazenbrook
Head of Operations: Gayle van Bochoven
VFX Supervisors: Stephen Pepper, Sil Bulterman, Bas Moonen, Inti Martinez & Jeroen van Berkel
3D: Will Jeffers, Ivor Ribeiro da Silva, Robin van As, Ralph Meijer, Jeroen Cloosterman, Sjoerd de Greef
Colorist: Matt Hare
Associate Design & Animation Director: Nick Groeneveld, Jurriën Boogert
Design: Jurriën Boogert, Maureen van der Hout, Rachelle Slingerland
Animation: Nick Groeneveld
Senior Producer: Bo Kops, Brittany Blazer
Creative Director: Vincent Lammers

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