Win Tucker Carlson’s money

Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson will host a CBS game-show pilot called Who Do You Trust? According to TV Week, players “will weigh loyalty vs. betrayal for different levels of rewards and punishment.” If those punishments include watching reruns of Carlson hosting Crossfire, count me out. Actually, I can envision T.C. thriving in this format. He already has that Donald Trump thing going on with his hair … but he needs a catch phrase. “You’re fired” is taken. I’d suggest the show’s title, “Who do you trust?”—but that’s just inviting some contestant to quip, “Not you, after your flip-flop on the war in Iraq.” Ouch. Tucker’s bowtie would be spinning. (Carlson’s stepmom, by the way, is an heiress to the Swanson frozen-food fortune. So if the brand shows up as a sponsor and losers go home with lifetime supplies of frozen chicken pies, you’ll know why.) UPDATE: Turns out the Who Do You Trust? concept was already tried in the 1950s and ’60s on ABC, with Johnny Carson in the Tucker Carlson role. There are differences between the two formats—but some similarities, too. Ah well, who can you really trust for an original idea in Hollywood these days?