Will You #TrySomeStew? Chicago Man’s Friends Surprise Him With a Bus-Stop Personals Ad

'This shows they really care,' says Ryan Stew

Chicago social sciences teacher Ryan Stew may not have a girlfriend, a place of his own, or a winning fantasy football record. But at least he still has his friends. Even if they’re jerks.

Stew’s fantasy football league buddies paid for a bus stop personals ad for Stew that describes him as a “2016 fantasy football loser” who “perspires ambitiously.” They also, according to Stew, used a pre-weight loss picture of him from six years ago that isn’t what you’d call flattering.

Stew wasn’t told about this stunt, but he seems ultimately grateful for it.

“My friends, after all the smack talk I give them, this is nice,” he told the Daily Southtown. “This shows they’re thinking of me. This shows they really care.”

You know, he’s not wrong. A lot of male friendships are based on benevolent trolling, meant as reminders to laugh once in a while and not wallow in one’s own misfortune. There’s no way they would have spent bus stop ad money on this if it weren’t a kind gesture at its core.

Whether it will land Stew any dates or not has yet to be determined, though. The ad has gone municipally viral as a selfie prop, but without the proper context it suffers as an actual personals ad.

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