Will this stop McDonald’s Hummer promo in its big, wide, obnoxious tracks?

Last week, we weighed in on the questionable nature (to put it mildly) of McDonald’s toy Hummer giveaway. Today, an organization called the Environmental Working Group launches a nice parody site called RonaldMcHummer.com (tagline: “Just say no to Hummers”), which playfully protests the promotion and lets consumers in on the fun. Through the site’s Sign-O-Matic feature, you can create and distribute your very own McDonald’s sign, like the one pictured here. (An e-mail from the group that we got this morning urges everyone to “go make a sign before they sue us.”) Combine this with the car maker’s most recent ads, and this isn’t turning out to be a great summer for Hummer. 

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

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