Will this stop McDonald’s Hummer promo in its big, wide, obnoxious tracks?

Ronaldmchummer_1 Last week, we weighed in on the questionable nature (to put it mildly) of McDonald’s toy Hummer giveaway. Today, an organization called the Environmental Working Group launches a nice parody site called RonaldMcHummer.com (tagline: “Just say no to Hummers”), which playfully protests the promotion and lets consumers in on the fun. Through the site’s Sign-O-Matic feature, you can create and distribute your very own McDonald’s sign, like the one pictured here. (An e-mail from the group that we got this morning urges everyone to “go make a sign before they sue us.”) Combine this with the car maker’s most recent ads, and this isn’t turning out to be a great summer for Hummer. 

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor