Will Siri Blend? Blendtec Takes On the iPhone 4S

Latest clip promotes a 'Will It Blend?' app

"It blends, Tom. I can feel it. I can feel it." Alas, there's no HAL 9000-style reaction when Blendtec puts the Apple iPhone 4S with Siri voice-recognition technology to the test. The software has gained instant fame for its snappy preprogrammed comebacks to various questions, but it's at a loss for words as the Blendtec rotors tear the smartphone apart. Serves the little smart-ass right. The clip touts a free "Will It Blend?" app for iPhone and iPad. Sometimes I like to kick back and imagine whether ol' Tom himself would blend. As he slid kicking and clawing beneath the blades, his last words would probably be, "Arghhh, oh God, don't try this at home!!!" Now, that would be an app worth paying for.