Will Nader steal the Oscar from Gore too?

Nader You probably recognize the man on this movie poster. He’s Ralph Nader, or, as a new documentary fingers him, An Unreasonable Man. Dems upset after he “stole” votes from Al Gore in 2000 will no doubt endorse the title. General Motors deemed him so unreasonable after his 1965 book Unsafe at Any Speed, which exposed shoddy auto design, they did the only reasonable thing: sicced spies and a temptress on him, hoping to soil his name. But history and the film’s comedian creators love a good irony—showing that consumers have GM to thank for helping to bust corporate recklessness with its $425,000 invasion-of-privacy settlement with Nader. IFC Films is counting on a little consumer activism of its own to get the film jump-started: There are printable fliers on the Web site that you’re encouraged to plaster all over the 14 U.S. cities where the film is playing.

—Posted by Laura Blum