Will MoveOn please weigh in on Taser Boy

MoveOn.org has agreed to pay an additional $77,508 for a Sept. 10 ad it ran in The New York Times blasting Gen. David Petraeus (shown here), calling him “General Betray Us,” on the day he testified to Congress. The Times initially charged $64,575, the “standby” rate when the date of placement can’t be guaranteed, instead of $142,083, the paper’s rate when ads run on the day intended. Frankly, I’m amazed the paper is having financial woes when it continues to command such high ad rates. Meanwhile, a profane four-word anti-George Bush editorial in a student newspaper (“Taser this. F— Bush,” with the third word spelled out) has landed its editors in hot water. Sure, the Rocky Mountain Collegian story has little to do with the Times piece, but f— it, it has nothing to do with Taser Boy either, and he gets a few more seconds of fame out of the headline. That’s a shame. (“General Betray Us?” Also f