Will Ferrell Pitches ‘Casa de mi Padre’ by Doing Interviews Only in Spanish

Jimmy Kimmel plays along

Has Will Ferrell gone Method on us? Nah. He's just marketing his latest flick, Casa de mi Padre, by doing interviews entirely in Spanish on English-language TV talk shows. It's the actor-comedian's 2012 version of a promotional stunt that's worked for him since he appeared in character as Nascar driver Ricky Bobby to hype Talladega Nights in the early '00s. The sometime Old Milwaukee pitchman, who stars in and produced Casa de mi Padre, has a somewhat tenuous grasp of Spanish, as does interviewer Jimmy Kimmel in the clips below. But, hey, they're trying. The subtitles definitely help. Casa de mi Padre, a parody of Mexican melodramas also starring Latino heartthrobs Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal, opens Friday. Parts two and three of the interview are posted after the jump.

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