Wild Turkey Cleans Up Surprisingly Well in New Ads, but Don't Call It Tame

Bourbon rebranded by Vitro

In a dramatic strategic shift, Wild Turkey has gone from good 'ole boy crude to downright aspirational. A new ad from new lead creative agency Vitro likens the exacting process by which the bourbon is made to the remarkable achievements of athletes and craftsmen like horse racing jockey Rosie Napravnik and glass blower Caleb Siemon. Quick-cut images of Napravnik, Siemon and others give way to a lone tumbler on a spotlighted surface that's splashing full of Wild Turkey. The tagline then pops on screen in the form of a hashtag: "#Nevertamed." The new overachiever approach is a 180-degree turn from the sass and double entendre of the brand's previous, frat boyish "Give 'em the bird" campaign. It will be interesting to see how the makeover takes.