Wieden’s newest Coke ad maybe not so new

Well, this is interesting. It turns out Wieden + Kennedy's "Sleepwalker" spot for Coca-Cola, which broke on the Super Bowl, bears a more-than-passing resemblance to a 2001 Israeli milk commercial by Young & Rubicam. Many of the visuals are almost identical, and the music is identical: Ravel's Boléro. See clips from both ads below; check out the spots in full at Adland. A Coke rep tells AgencySpy that both client and agency "were unaware of this other ad"
prior to the Super Bowl. She adds: "Now that we've seen the ad, we
think both commercials are equally entertaining. While the two share a
few common elements, any similarities are coincidental and unintended." The issue of ripoffs is particularly resonant when it involves Wieden, as the agency's London managing director, Neil Christie, has publicly complained several times about Wieden's creative ideas being stolen. (See here and here.) Also, last August, Wieden Tokyo was accused of mimicking gamer portraits by the artist Robbie Cooper in advertising for Sony's PlayStation 3. 

—Posted by Tim Nudd