Wieden + Kennedy’s reality television

So I was noticing, while trying to find WK 12’s AIDS PSA on YouTube, that what Wieden + Kennedy may really want to be when it grows up is a reality TV show. Just go to YouTube and type Wieden in the search box. In addition to finding many of the agency’s TV commercials, you’ll find promos for this year’s Wieden pie contest, 11 seconds from the first annual Wieden golf tournament, Wieden fight night, and the little filmlet shown above, posted this week (but apparently shot in February), in which two employees, calling themselves JLowe and brianarocks, stalk the halls of the agency late on a Thursday night to see who is still working, promising to show Dan Wieden, “who deserves to work here.” Maybe Wieden got tired of other people filming them and posting the results.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor