Wieden gets unpredictable for Honda’s Jazz

Car commercials can be desultory affairs, stuffed with specs and the inevitable shots of a car wending its way down a serpentine road in the mountains. You have to hand it to Wieden + Kennedy London for convincing Honda to break with tradition in many of its ads, such as "Grrr." For its latest European effort, introducing the Honda Jazz, Wieden and production shop Nexus crafted this lovely minute-long animated commercial (again with a Garrison Keillor voiceover), which shows life's unpredictability. The car doesn't appear until 54 seconds in. The coolest part of this effort could be the mobile component. Wieden has an iPhone application that lets viewers "capture" the animated characters by swiping at the screen while the commercial plays on TV. (The app does this by syncing with the commercial's sound.) Once on the phone, you can play with the characters, if you're into that kind of thing. I'm not sure how many people will have the app handy to swipe when the TV commercial comes on, but I'm sure we'll see more integrations of the standard TV spot and mobile interactivity.