Why This Agency Just Demoted All Its Employees and Made Them Interns

Solve launches 'Internity' for the summer

Headshot of Tim Nudd

There’s going to be a whole lot of coffee-getting going on at Minneapolis agency Solve this summer. That is, if they can figure out who to give the coffee to.

Solve, which always gets creative with its internship programs, has decided not to enlist undergrads this year. Instead, it’s mock-demoting everyone on staff to intern and preparing agency-wide educational sessions throughout the summer. The program is calling “Internity,” and reflects the company’s belief that learning is never done.

The agency will bring in instructors from outside the marketing industry (including investment banker Matt Otterstatter, yogi Ben Vincent, organic food pioneer Brenda Langton and more) to give classes and broaden the staff’s views on creativity and business.

Solve will offer five non-employees a chance to sit in on the sessions, too, as a way of engaging the community. To recruit them, the agency will target “non-traditional places, including senior living centers, country clubs and coffee shops,” with posters and digital outreach.

“You can judge an intern program by the impact it makes on its participants. We’re excited to flip the model and turn everyone into interns this summer,” says Ryan Murray, account director and partner. “It’ll be especially rewarding to share the learning experience with a diverse group of non-employees coming from a range of backgrounds and life stages.”

Interested non-agency candidates can apply online. The program kicks off on June 15 with singer/songwriter Adam Levy, who will talk about finding creative inspiration in unexpected places. He’ll also sing a few songs.

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@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.