Why Taylor Hicks should switch to Cingular

No major American election is now complete without an arcane (not to say conspiratorial) theory to account for its outcome. So, it was only a matter of time before somebody came up with one to explain the American Idol voting. A bulletin from The NPD Group examines the implications of the fact that Cingular Wireless is the show’s sole partner for voting via text messaging. The research firm notes that nearly half of Cingular’s subscribers (46 percent) are situated in the South (vs. 23 percent in the West, 16 percent in the Northeast and 15 percent in the Central region). Moreover, Cingular’s Southern subscribers have an above-average propensity for text messaging. Putting these data together, the report speculates that the Cingular connection could account for the fact that the Idol winners thus far have all come from the South (including the most recent, Taylor Hicks of Birmingham, Ala.). Now, if someone could just explain why so many people watch the show in the first place.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver