Why mommy might be on Prozac

Maybe it’s because we just turned down two U2 tickets for Thursday in Boston due to family obligations that we find ourselves so intrigued this afternoon about the 4th Annual All-Star Mamapalooza Fest, being held tomorrow night at The Cutting Room in New York. (Fascinating factoid: The club is co-owned by Chris Noth, aka Sex and the City’s Mr. Big.) According to the Web site, Mamapalooza "is dedicated to honoring, celebrating and acknowledging the struggles and victories of mothers everywhere," all while rocking out, of course, and the show will feature bands such as Housewives on Prozac, The Mydols, Placenta .. well, you get the drift. While the thought of mothers who rock may seem incongruous, what seems even more so to us is the program’s sponsors: the magazines Parents and Child, owned (for now, anyway) by Gruner+Jahr. On the one hand, we say to G+J: "Rock on,sistahs!" On the other hand, we’re amused when we click on the link that takes us from the Mamapalooza site over to Parents.com. Not only is there no mention of mommies who play bass when they’re not sorting the laundry on Parents.com, but you go from a site decked out in East Village black to one with the bright, happy colors of a child’s room. No wonder there’s a band called Housewives on Prozac.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor