Why Eat Healthy? This Charming French Ad Slowly Reveals One Girl’s Very Specific Goal

And her palate expands quite a bit along the way

Both the star and the storytelling are top notch in this tale of learning to love veggies. Intermarché

This 90-second commercial touting a new loyalty card from French grocery chain Intermarché might just satisfy your appetite for sweet storytelling.

Using the card, shoppers can earn discounts when they buy fruits and vegetables, and the film champions healthier eating through the tale of Léa, a little girl who’s frustrated at being too short to reach a certain cabinet in the kitchen.

Will a better diet help her grow tall enough? (Consuming bowl after bowl of vegetable soup seems to work wonders for her towering classmate.)

And what’s so special in that cupboard, anyway?

Check out the film for the reveal:

Salient line: “Everyone has a reason to eat better.”

Hey, why doesn’t she think to climb up on a stool or something? This is what happens when you rot your brain by eating sweets, people!

The spot, developed by agency Romance, delivers a charming message that’s not too cloying, thanks to a pouty, pugnacious central performance—the supporting players are likewise très bons—and brisk direction by Rudi Rosenberg. Eddy Mitchell’s infectious 1961 rockabilly hit “Je T’Aime Trop” (“I Love You Too Much”) on the soundtrack should keep toes tapping along.

“Intermarché’s battle to help people eat better every day remains a guiding compass, and we continue to build the brand’s territory,” says Romance executive creative director Alexandre Hervé. “But we also wanted to make the emotion of the film evolve by favoring a comedy and a rock song in order to differentiate our position.”

Alas, while filming the ad—and perhaps underscoring its message—quite a bit of unhealthy snacking took place. “The catering on the set included more sweets than vegetables,” recalls agency senior copywriter Virgile Lassalle “In fact, the young actress came over quite a few times to grab some to compensate for the liters of soup she had to swallow.”

Intermarché and Romance have teamed up before to offer memorable morsels, such as last year’s Santa-on-a-diet gift package and, more recently, a spot showing how artificial food coloring can trick taste buds.

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