Why did Chevrolet even go there?

TahoeThe weirdest thing about the big advertising story du jour—which involves people taking advantage of Chevy’s make-your-own-ad offer to create negative ads about the Tahoe—is Chevy’s “Yeah, we knew this was going to happen” response. (Here’s a link to one ad.) On the one hand, you can say the company is enlightened in its decision not to make a big stink over the anti-SUV ads. On the flip side, the fact that people would abuse the brand given the opportunity is so painfully obvious that you have to wonder why Chevy decided to play in this arena, with this brand, at all. Just because consumer-generated media is all the rage doesn’t mean advertisers are obliged to play with it. Like everyone else, we’ve been reading the headlines about GM out of Detroit. … Is this some sort of death wish?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor