Why Are Microbrews Turning From Bottles to Cans?

Inside a packaging trend

PSFK noticed that microbrews are favoring cans over bottles as packaging these days, and asked its readers for more input on this observation. It seems cans retain taste better than bottles, they're easier and cheaper to ship, require less energy to recycle than glass, and they look cool (it's easier to design for an entire can than a paper label). Cans also have a blue-collar image, at least in the U.S., and many authenticity-craving hipsters take that very seriously. Others noted that aluminum cans are lined with Bisphenol A, and that cans were originally introduced decades ago to centralize beer production, which bankrupted a lot of small community breweries. At the risk of punning, that's kind of a buzzkill. Speaking of, I'm surprised no one mentioned that cans are also less dangerous because it's much harder to break them during a fight than bottles.