Who’s your valentine?

TrumpbritneyAre men more generous than women, or just more guilty? Either way, a Shopping in America poll conducted for The Macerich Co. shows men planning to spend an average of $218 on Valentine’s Day gifts this year, while women will spend an average of $146.  Asked to say "who makes your heart beat the fastest," 21 percent of men and 28 percent of women said "my own special Valentine." (Ahhwww.)

Also providing cardiac stimulation for women are Brad Pitt (cited by 14 percent), Johnny Depp (11 percent), Tom Cruise (9 percent), Usher (8 percent) and Denzel Washington (8 percent). Just 3 percent reported swooning for Donald Trump. As for the male respondents, they were most likely to go pit-a-pat for Angelina Jolie (14 percent), Beyonce Knowles (12 percent), Jennifer Lopez (10.5 percent) and Lindsay Lohan (9 percent). A mere 2 percent mentioned Britney Spears.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver

Photo credits: NBC Universal/Chris Haston