CP+B Has Whopper of an Idea for Swan Song on Burger King

You might as well go out with a bang, and that's what Crispin Porter + Bogusky has done for Burger King with "Whopper Lust." The campaign is centered around DirecTV channel 111, which is airing endless footage of a spinning Whopper. If you watch for five minutes, you get a free Whopper. Watch for 10 minutes, and you get two free Whoppers. And so on. You have to pay attention, not just leave the station on—you must respond to occasional prompts, or you lose. The Denver Egotist says the promotion has already given away 50,000 Whoppers this week. It's a fun idea, and a subversive one, too. It's almost advertising as punishment—you WILL watch this last CP+B campaign for Burger King. In fact, it will be flame-broiled into your brain.