Who you calling uncaring, you whiny snot?

According to a new Pew Center poll, an alarming number of
Americans believe the U.S. news media are biased, inaccurate and uncaring. Of special concern: We’re “failing to stand up for America.” The public’s opinion of the press has actually nosedived in the past 20 years, and those who get their news mainly from the Internet were especially disappointed in our performance. I’d like to address each of these points. 1) As far as bias goes, yes, I firmly believe the first Darrin was way better than the second, but I don’t feel this detracts from the quality of my reporting. 2) In terms of accuracy, while we need to stand by our current commander-in-chief, I’m not entirely pleased by Al Gore’s leadership these past seven years, and if the Seattle Mariners never win another World Series, it’ll be too soon for me. 3) If we didn’t care, would there be a comments section? 4) America’s got Beckham now, so England and Spain can go suck on soccer balls. USA! USA!

—Posted by David