Who wouldn’t want to dress like this guy?

Dress_mac_01 Justin Long, the Mac from the “Get a Mac” ads, has his vocal supporters (see the comments under this item) who no doubt appreciate his relaxed yet stylish clothing as much as they enjoy his can-do attitude. These fans will be over the moon today thanks to a Web site called LifeClever, which reveals exactly where to buy Justin’s entire outfit (smugness not included), and how much it will set you back. The site describes Justin’s style this way: “Smart, but approachable; informal and casual but not slovenly; a simple color palette of cool blues and greys; minimal, with no visible logos or slogans.” There’s no mention (yet) of how to look like John Hodgman. Via TUAW. UPDATE: McSweeney’s has posted a somewhat amusing article today titled, “Three New Mac Ad Ideas.” Instead of “portly old dweeb” and “smug little twit” (Seth Stevenson’s assessment of the PC and Mac), Tom Batten describes them as “antiquated but sweet” and “effortlessly hip but still harmlessly nerdy.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd