Who’s up for a boozy game of Headball?

One player wears tight-fitting headgear (a bit like a water-polo cap) covered in Velcro. A teammate tosses Velcro soft balls (not softballs) at him. The cap wearer tries to “catch” the balls on the cap, which is covered in different point designations. Oh, and the cap wearer is supposed to be holding a Moosehead beer at the time. Those are the wild and crazy basics of Headball, a curious diversion created by Moosehead and its ad agency, Tom, Dick and Harry in Chicago, to wile away the summer afternoons in the pub. The game is not yet sweeping the nation but is being played in four “select” markets (Champaign, Ill., Boston, Philadelphia and Minneapolis, with Pittsburgh to be added later). It’s not quite up there with Bud Pong (or even Shelfball, created by Wieden + Kennedy), but Headball seems like a fun enough time, if you’re into that sort of thing. Oh, and according to the official rules, the loser of each game buys the next round.

—Posted by Aaron Baar