Who needs reporters at these conferences?

I didn't go to the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Ecosystem 2.0 conference, being held this week in Orlando, Fla. Thanks to Twitter, I guess I didn't need to. Among those handling the play-by-play: Campfire "chief narratologist" Steve Wax, Federated Media CEO John Battelle, SocialMedia CEO Seth Goldstein and The Rubicon Project director of strategic publisher acquisition Josh Wexler. Most of the chatter is the humdrum stuff common to all live-Tweeted conferences: speaker quotes without context. Underneath are some juicier tidbits—relatively speaking. This is an industry conference in Orlando, after all.
  • Google's sales pitch: "Why is Google allowed a sales pitch on Google products rather than the future of advertising?" (Wexler)
  • IAB needs heat: "It's friggin' cold in here." (Battelle)
  • Time to move on: "[Yahoo exec] Joanne Bradford says Subservient Chicken was an unimportant stunt—and touts a Nissan concert." (Wax)
  • Facebook has a long way to go: "I wonder what their ad products would look like if zuck/fbook and @ev / twitter spent a year at an ad agency or cpg company." (Goldstein)

—Posted by Brian Morrissey