Who Needs Puppies? Annie’s Homegrown Is Staging a Bunny Bowl for Super Bowl Week

No fluffing the kicker!

You might notice some of the players in this football-themed campaign look kind of soft. That’s because they’re rabbits, and they’ll hop into action Friday at 1 p.m. ET when Annie’s Homegrown streams its first-ever Bunny Bowl live on Facebook.

You’ll see 10 bunnies scampering around in a mini-football-stadium-type set for a full hour. Awww … that’s cute. That’s Tom Brady cute!

Inspired by Animal Planet’s annual Puppy Bowl—and celebrating Bernie, the long-eared Annie’s mascot whose image graces its merchandise—the brand believes these leapin’ leporids will be fluffy fun for fans who enjoyed its “Organic for EveryBunny” campaign.

“If we can bring a smile to even one person with our bunny stream, that in and of itself is a return on investment,” Annie’s rep Christina Karem tells AdFreak.

Every projected ROI should be so simple to achieve! But … won’t the bunnies be nervous flouncing around in a BOWL, since they’re such tasty little critters?

“As it turns out, they don’t carrot all,” says Karem, picking up the ball and punning with it.

Plus, the players won’t have to suit up, since rabbits are born with padding.

The teams practiced on Wednesday, allowing Annie’s to perfect its playbook for the big event. Karem reports that “poop on the turf was a total bummer,” so we might be in for a dirty game tomorrow.

Annie’s Homegrown
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