Who’ll win the Emmy for best commercial?

The Emmys are coming up, and American Copywriter has posted videos of this year’s nominees for best commercial. Looks like some real sizzlers, too. There’s “Animals” for AmEx, wherein Ellen DeGeneres fires off a series of jokes we all saw coming a mile away (a turtle named Shelley! Hahaha!); “Happiness Factory” for Coke, presenting a whimsical fairyworld in which snowmen are mercilessly tossed into the grinder to chill the soda; “Jar” for GE, which reminds me of what the “cans of air” gag from Spaceballs would have been had Spielberg been directing; “Pinball” for Pepsi and “Snowball” for Travelers, two more variations on the popular “giant ball rolling down a hill” ad theme; and the “Singing Cowboy” Truth anti-smoking ad, which would have been better if said cowboy had been naked and singing about which foods give him diarrhea. (There’s also “Battle” for Cingular, but no video yet for that one.) Not a bad crop, all in all. My prediction is “Happiness Factory,” because it’s the most inventive of the bunch, and snowmen don’t have a large enough advocacy group to boycott the ceremony. UPDATE: Here’s the “Battle” spot for Cingular, by BBDO. It’s the one in which the typical mother/daughter argument gets turned on its head.

—Posted by David Kiefaber