White Castle’s big idea

WhitecastlelogoWhite Castle is angling for the day after the Super Bowl to be made a national holiday, in order to let Americans recover from scarfing down handfuls of mini-burgers and too much beer. The burger chain has cooked up a promotion for the holiday, which it dubs Da Day—apparently shorthand for “day after” – and enlisted three 28-year-old guys to press their case under the banner of the National Academy of Persons. Jerry Kaltenbach, Brian Foy and Vasili Trikoupis earned White Castle’s undying gratitude two years ago for taking White Castle “Crave Cases” as luggage on a spring break trip to St. Maarten. (Wouldn’t customs have a problem with that?) White Castle cites a Kronos survey that found as many as 1.4 million American workers would consider calling in sick the day after the game, so we might as well just make it official. There’s an online petition, of course. And in case the national holiday is not declared, White Castle provides some possible excuses for not going into work.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey