Which Odd Food Choice Will Become the Next Lay’s Chip?

Our favorite so far? 'Pumpkin Blood'

If you like bizarre flavors, talking food and generally feeling like you're having an acid flashback, Lay's is happy to oblige. A new spot from the snack brand features animated dishes like hoagies, meat loaf and sushi, singing about how delicious they could be in potato chip form.

The goal? To get you excited and perhaps slightly freaked out by the return of Lay's crowd-sourced product-development promotion, Do Us a Flavor. Created by Deep Focus, the contest invites you, friendly consumer, to submit (or at least vote for) a potential new flavor of Lay's potato chips.

Over at the promotion microsite, the suggestions so far include Maple Bacon, Fluffernutter, Meatlover's Pizza, and Pumpkin Blood … whatever that is. If the promise of snack food fame isn't incentive enough, the dangling carrot of $1 million (a la Frito-Lay's better-known Crash the Super Bowl contest) might help encourage you to plug your Facebook profile into the campaign.

Overall, its a fun concept. It also gets a little dark when your pal the ice cream cone melts all over the table while moaning about needing the money, and the attention-grubbing hamburger clubs the halved tomato out of the frame.

Earlier this week, improv comedian Wayne Brady helped kick off the promotion by making up impromptu songs for 25 potential flavors suggested by Lay's social media fans. Check out some of his clips after the jump.