Which fictional products would you buy?

Mifflinpaper For some reason, David over at Ironic Sans wishes the line between reality and television were even more blurry than it already is. In particular, he’s loving the idea of reverse product placement—i.e., taking fictional consumer products from TV shows and start producing them for real. His first request: Dunder Mifflin paper, from NBC’s The Office. “If I were buying paper at Staples and I saw the Dunder Mifflin brand name on a ream of paper, I’d totally get it,” he writes. “Just because it’s funny. Even if it cost a few cents more.” This idea rings a bell—it’s probably been done on a more limited scale, although makers of unofficial versions usually get a call from the lawyers. At least one company has been sued by Fox for trying to market a Duff beer.

—Posted by Tim Nudd