Which advertising luminaries got an iPhone?

In the spirit of Deadspin’s Cultural Oddsmaker, which might have crossed a line on Friday with a post about Chris Benoit, AdFreak thought it would lay odds on ad-industry luminaries most likely to have taken off work to wait in line for an iPhone. Here are our bets on who took the plunge.

Bob Greenberg: 1/1.
This is an easy one. In Cannes, the R/GA chief was laden with about a dozen digital cameras, phones and iPods. His pride and joy: iPod shuffles filled with all the songs from a particular artist. Bob proudly said he would then “shuffle” the shuffles in a bowl. Don’t ask.

The guy with the hole in his throat from the NYC anti-smoking ads: 2/1.
The iPhone almost certainly has a dedicated USB port with an adapter that he can plug right into his voicebox. Lots of games for when he can’t go swimming.

Kevin Roberts: 5/1.
The Saatchi chief has been waiting for this: screens everywhere, Sisomo on fire. The iPhone isn’t a Lovemark, it’s a Lovescar. Sources said a Saatchi intern was dispatched Thursday to stand in line for KR.

Scrappers Morrison: 12/1.
Spent the weekend collecting cans, woodworking and smoking clove cigarettes at the commune. The iPhone strikes us as a tad bourgeois for a W+K 12 man. Would maybe consider it if it were wrapped in raccoon skin.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey