Which advertising actors could make it big?

One of this week's top stories on Digg is a celebration of commercial actors who turn average spots into "short-form entertainment." Obviously, the post highlights Isaiah "Old Spice Guy" Mustafa, along with John "I'm a PC" Hodgman and Jerry "Kevin Butler" Lambert of PS3 and whale-talking fame (those three representing the AdFreak mancrush trifecta). Stephanie Courtney, aka Flo from the Progressive ads, also makes the list, as do Rachael Drummond and Brian Huskey of the Toyota Sienna "Swagger Wagon" video. And there are a few picks that are a bit more debatable, like the new Orbit gum girl Farris Patton (pictured above—not to be confused with the better-known old Orbit gum girl, Vanessa Branch) and the oddball office staff from Esurance's new ads. Several of these actors have already had a taste of TV and film work. But if you had the power to bestow true Hollywood stardom on one of them, which would benefit from your patronage? Let us know below.