Where would we be without our sidekicks?

There are so many UGC contests these days, it’s impossible to enter them all. Of course, I only participate here on AdFreak, not through official channels. Still, I’d definitely win most of them. My mom says so, anyway. Which brings me to Current TV and T-Mobile, which are challenging users to create ads for the new Sidekick LX cellphone. The brief asks contestants to describe what it would feel like to lose one’s Sidekick. In my ad, we open in a cemetery, with Batman and Captain Kirk wailing hysterically. Batman places flowers on Robin’s grave, which is adorned with the Boy Wonder’s cape and tights flapping in the breeze. Kirk weeps over Spock’s marker, which is shaped like a single pointy Vulcan ear. Voiceover: “This is what it feels like to lose your sidekick. ”Lonely. Disconnected. Afraid.“ What, too dark? Never fear: Superman flies around the Earth and turns back time, bringing the sidekicks back to life. We close on everyone hugging and texting as Kirk uses his phaser to blast those annoying guys from the Alltel spots into an open grave. Here’s the best part: The product’s real tagline, ”How the super connected stay connected,“ would work perfectly.

—Posted by David Gianatasio