Where are the Olympics spoiler alerts?

Nbc_logoHere’s a question: If part of your job involved looking online for comical infosnacks suitable for, say, an advertising blog, how would you keep from stumbling upon major results from the Winter Olympics? Each time I come across Olympics news during the daytime—Bode Miller sucking in the alpine combined event, for example—it makes NBC’s evening coverage that much less compelling. Avoiding sports sites is an obvious step, but you also have to skip major-portal home pages, as well as Google News. I don’t really expect spoiler alerts, especially from non-NBC media outlets. (And in fact, you even get complete results on NBCOlympics.com—not hyperlinked here, to protect the innocent—although you can bookmark a separate page, NBCOlympics.com/tv, which just shows the TV listings.) I know this issue is minor. And, happily for TV advertisers, it probably doesn’t make that much of a dent in NBC’s evening viewership. But still it’s irritating. I guess it could be worse. I remember in 2002, ESPN showed some World Cup soccer games on a time delay. Early in the tournament, at least, the final scores kept showing up at the bottom of the screen, on the live sports crawl, while we were still watching the games. UPDATE: Even the stupid headlines in my Gmail are spoilers. I think basically if you’re online at all, you’re screwed.

—Posted by Tim Nudd