When is seeing a movie not seeing a movie?

By now, we’re all sick of reading about the Oscars, but bear with me while I make one final comment. It seemed that if there was one message the Academy wanted viewers to get it was this: watching a great movie on DVD on your TV, or even in your huge home-theater, is tantamount to not watching the movie at all. This was first brought up when some official from the Academy did his spiel in front of the cameras, and again when Jake Gyllenhaal came to the podium. To paraphrase, he offered that seeing a movie like Ben-Hur on the small screen was unthinkable, a sacrilege. Now, let’s take this way of thinking to its logical conclusion: Ben-Hur can only truly be watched in movie theaters, but Ben-Hur isn’t available in movie theaters. Thus, best not to order it from Netflix at all.

Posted by Catharine P. Taylor