When Sarah Silverman and Jesus Chat About Abortion, Who Could Possibly Be Offended?

Comic promotes 'V to Shining V' rally

If there's one thing that can finally bring America together on this whole abortion issue, it's definitely a blasphemous video of Sarah Silverman hanging out with her feminist bestie, Jesus Christ. 

In her new five-minute clip, Silverman bonds with Jesus over an NCIS marathon, a sinfully good back rub and a few zingers, like when the Messiah quips that life doesn't begin at conception, but at 40. 

The video promotes "V to Shining V," a national reproductive-rights pride day scheduled for Sept. 28. Rallies are planned for all 50 state capitals, with Silverman appearing in Concord, N.H.

Silverman has tread this progressive political path before, appearing in outrageous clips that draw predictable, polarized responses. Her screeds continue to spark indignant hand-wringing from conservatives, and she seems to be emboldened by her critics each time.

No matter how disrespectful her presentation (and really, in a world of South Park and Family Guy, this stuff is pretty tame), the coverage and commentary she receives in conservative quarters can be so hateful that it makes her content look all the more benign and compelling by comparison. Ironically, the blowback bolsters these campaigns; each anonymous anti-Semitic barb or crass expression of "regret" that Silverman herself hadn't been aborted serves to strengthen her hand.

Of course, her controversial approach ensures she'll always just be preaching to the choir. Believing she'll gain many (or any) converts would take a great leap of faith.

Via Mediaite.

Warning: Some language in this video is NSFW.

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