When all other energy drinks just won’t do

Red Bull may give you wings, and it may even give you energy, but can it give you MENergy? Probably not, which is a good thing, because if Powerthirst really existed, it would make your heart explode. As it is, my head nearly exploded from laughing; this is the funniest parody sports-drink ad since SNL’s Gatorade Cookie Dough, and the list of “-lytes” it runs through at the 1:22 mark pretty much hits the nail on the head. Also, the “Shocklate” name is genius, and I’m surprised no one else has used it yet. However, I suggest finding a new voiceover guy for their next ad, which should be for a celebrity sports beverage. This country would benefit from a dose of Sean Pennergy.

—Posted by David Kiefaber