The WheeMe wants to caress you senseless

Here's your suggestive infomercial of the day—for the WheeMe, a new palm-size robot that crawls all over your body, massaging and caressing you, using tilt-sensor technology so it doesn't fall off, and "providing a delightful sense of bodily pleasure," according to the marketing materials. It's basically a filthy-minded Roomba with claws, and the company behind it—DreamBots—is clearly going to sell it with sex. The main image on the Web site is a woman lying on the ground, head thrown back in near ecstasy, as the WheeMe investigates the folds of her skirt. The strategy seems to be working. As a YouTube commenter writes excitedly: "I'm going to get one for my vagina." Makes a great companion gift with the Shake Weight. Via BuzzFeed.