What’s that sound? It’s Fidelity, targeting

DerkommissarWe think we’ve figured out the marketing strategy for Fidelity Investments: it’s to buy the rights to an appropriate song for each generation it’s targeting to distract them from the grim, boring reality of investing for the future. Of course, there is that spot featuring Sir Paul McCartney, which is an obvious attempt to pull at the heart—or more accurately—purse strings of baby boomers. (Though how most people with an underfunded 401(K) relate to a knighted gazillionaire is beyond us.) Recently, we saw a spot that had to be targeted toward the tail-end of the baby boom. We only deduce this because its soundtrack was the 1982 Falco song “Der Kommissar”. However, having seen it but once, we’re not sure whether it was the original version by the Austrian born, uh, pop impresario, or the 1983 cover version by After the Fire (single cover pictured here). In our extensive research for this post, we found this link to a Wikipedia list of pop songs used in ads. It’s a little sparse, so maybe as a public service our readers can go over there and add to it.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor