What’s up with Lanvin’s skinned red model?


Various blogs have chimed in on the possible meaning and questionable aesthetic of this ad for Paris fashion house Lanvin that seems to show a model without skin. See the full NSFW ad here. Copyranter wonders if it's part of a "nude zombie trend." (Nope. She could be wearing very small pants.) The Cut asks readers if they find the ad "creepy." (Well, the guy in the ad, yes. Such a hopeless poseur.) Live and Uncensored! explains that it's a fashion-industry in-joke. But as a lifelong journalist and critic, I have no interest in facts. My take is the only thing that matters. Clearly, it's an ironic commentary on the frightening skinniness of models (soon they'll have no flesh at all!), and a black-humored nod to the fact that if they stop eating altogether, which some apparently have, they'll wind up dead. Bottom line: If you know a skinny model, buy her a cheeseburger before she winds up turning her whole world inside out.

—Posted by David Gianatasio